April 27, 2005

VOR Turns 1!

It seems like yesterday, but Voices of Reason is one year old today! It’s been a great ride so far and we would like to thank all of our readers, especially all of you who routinely leave comments. Our readership is definitely up and growing and with the power of the internet and persistence we hope one day to reach millions. As it was when we began this endeavor, there are simply too few forums where people from all political persuasions can have a voice.

We at VOR take it as sign of success that many of our Lefty friends call us conservative and most of our Righty friends call us liberal. We take this as evidence that we are providing an environment where all views are judged on their merits, not their ideological roots.

As we prepare to enter our second year we would like to highlight a few main threads of discussion that have continued to surface on VOR throughout the past year, as well as clarify a few things about our objectives.

1. Although a disproportionate share of VOR pieces have focused on Bush administration policies or GOP initiatives, this is because Republicans are in power and control all branches of government. VOR is going to be around for a long time and one day when the Democrats are back in power we will focus more on their agenda. In the time being, it is not a bias against the GOP we are exhibiting, but a bias to cover the people running the show.

2. One thing that has been stressed on VOR is that religion and morality are not synonymous. In our society it is too common for non-religious people to be labeled as amoral (or even worse immoral) and we want to demonstrate why this is wrong. A robust set of moral principles can be established based solely on reason, introspection, and rationality. In addition, although for many people religion does represent their primary source of morality, we at VOR believe that without reason and rationality these religious moral principles can easily become oppressive or counter-productive. Bottom line: we can all use a little more reason in our lives. (See our new quote at the top of the site.)

3. We at VOR want to reiterate that our support for a policy or set of policies does not constitute blanket support for the Party that promotes these policies. Just because we don’t necessarily support one party or the other doesn’t mean that we don’t take sides on the issues; we do. If you feel that our reasoning and logic is wrong that’s fine, but please tells us how and why; simply accusing us of bias doesn’t get us anywhere or elevate the larger discussion.

Finally, we would like you to let us know how you think we can improve the site. What are we doing well? What could we do better? Also, if you could take this opportunity to pass on our URL to five others, we would greatly appreciate it.

Jason Scorse