Voices of Reason

Jason Scorse:

I grew up in New York City and did my undergraduate and graduate studies in California, receiving my PhD in Environmental Economics from the University of California-Berkeley. I am a professor at a small graduate school for public policy in Central California. I believe that reason is the thread that unites us all in the pursuit of liberty, security, and well-being.

I have voted for Democrats most of my life, but not exclusively and usually with reservation. I would happily vote for a Republican candidate who actually adhered to true conservative principles. I would identify my political views as "classic liberalism", combining a strong commitment to individual liberty with recognition of the state's significant role as both protector of the public interest and guarantor of equal opportunity.

In addition to being a professor of economics and public policy blogger, I am also a novelist. You can find my first effort here. More is on the way.

With respect and an invitation to reasoned dialogue,